A Complete Guide To House Train A Puppy

Dogs as pets are loved all over the world. Kids and adults, people of all ages, love the company of a dog and want to make them a part of their house. But is it that simple?

Well, it can be very simple if done the right way.

To adopt a dog for your house, you need to invest a lot of time in their training initiatives. After they’ve learnt everything, you can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Steps for how to house train a puppy:

The first and foremost step in the process of ‘how to house train a puppy’ is to understand that a puppy is a living being and has a lot of needs and requirements. If you are ready to fulfil your full attention and not as a burden, only think about adopting a dog.

Set a food schedule:

You must set up a schedule for your dog/puppy. They should be aware of their food timings because if there are irregular food timings, they will want food at odd times (which might disturb you in your sleep) and their digestive system will also not have a routine. You will suffer from their toilet timings as well if they lack food timing.

Take them for regular outdoor activities:

Yes! It is very important to plan outdoor activities i.e. walks and park tours, for a happy indoor puppy. Why? If they have a routine of going outdoors for an hour or two during the day, they will be happy inside for the rest of the day and won’t try to escape.

Reserve a toilet spot for them outside:

If you create a routine for your dog, they learn it quickly and make it a habit. If you initially take them outside near to their toilet time, they will become habitual of that and never disturb the environment within the house.

Plan a playtime:

You must spend some time during the day playing with your dog and giving them your full attention to make house training a fun process for your dog. This gives them a sense of love from their owner and they express the same in return. If left alone, they become depressed and sad.

Keep a scratching matt/pad:

The biggest complaint of new pet owners is that their puppy has scratched all their furniture. You must understand that dogs normally scratch (mostly after a nap). Hence, you must keep a scratching item near them to not scratch anything else.

Express reward:

Whenever your dog follows any of your commands, do not forget to express a reward for them. Some people use a clicker device for reward. This encourages them that they’re doing the right thing and their owner appreciates that. This also helps build trust and connection between the pet and the owner and brings positive changes to the training process.


Please do not forget to do your research on the kind of breed you want to adopt and their needs. Dogs are living beings and have rights that must not be violated in any case. House training or any other training is the next step, but you need to think and make a wise decision about adopting first.

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