Potty Training: How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Puppy

One of the most worrying concerns found among dog owners is how to toilet train their dogs. As much as all the other factors are essential to take care of while adopting a pet, there are some things you may have to train them for to create a healthy and friendly environment.

Nobody wants a guest to walk into their house and find it unclean or sense bad odour because of the lack of potty training of their pet/dog. This is the reason why most people end up regretting their decision to adopt a dog later. Did you know that dogs are inherently clean creatures? They often clean the space before they lie down and do not like unclean rugs and floors. Potty training in dogs is not just important for you, but for them too.

The first step to having patience and tolerance and providing your dogs with space and time to learn. Remember, they’re not like humans and need more time and training and teaching to create a habit out of it. There are two most used tools for toilet training in dogs; crate and paper/pad.

Steps for potty training in dogs:

How to potty train a puppy:

Set up a schedule:

The most important thing is to initially observe their toilet timings and keep track of time. Then, make a schedule and be there to guide them as you notice their toilet time approaching.

Use a toilet tool:

The next thing is to buy a toilet tool for them i.e., a litter box. Make it a comfortable experience for them and shift them near to their toilet tool as soon as their toilet time approaches.

Reserve a spot:

Do not keep changing the spot of their litter box as this may confuse them. Place the litter box in one place and reserve it for their toilet use. This will help them recognize the spot and won’t damage any other spot in the house.

Set up a walk schedule:

If you want to train your dog for an outside toilet habit, then make sure to take them out first thing in the morning, after they eat or drink something, and the last thing before going to bed.

Design a healthy diet:

It is important that you feed them moderately and never too much to make sure it is healthy for their digestive system.

Do not be harsh:

It is highly important that you do not be harsh to them regarding toilet training and instead praise them if they try to follow your training even if they make mistakes initially. They will not learn under harsh circumstances.

How long does it take to potty train a dog?

There is not a specific time for this training. Nobody can answer how long it takes to potty train a puppy. It mostly depends on how much involved the dog owner is in training, how much time and observation is put in by them will determine the time it takes. It also highly depends on their history and age. In case of any serious problems, contact their veterinarian and do not force anything upon the dog if you sense a serious problem.

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