Clicker Training: Learn to Train Your Dog

In different forms of training for dogs and puppies, the most asked question is how to communicate with the dog and make them understand the right and wrong actions. How can a dog owner convey it to their dog whether they’re done the right thing or made a mistake during training?

Some dog owners use marker words, a small word used to indicate your reaction to their action. For example, if the dog owner says yes every time they do something right, the dog will recognise the sound of the marker word as an appreciative reaction.

But, most people find clicker training better and more efficient than marker words. Now, what exactly is a clicker and how does it work?

What is a clicker?

A clicker is a small portable device that creates a click each time the owner clicks it. This is used as an indication to reward in dogs’ training. Whenever your dog does something right, i.e. they enter the crate as you trained them to at the right time, you will press the clicker right away to convey to your dog that they have done the right thing and you are happy with them. The praise will make them happy, and the clicker’s sound will create a happy experience for them whenever they hear it.

Clicker training dogs require some time and patience. Following are all the steps to take while clicker training your dog:

Dog clicker training:

  1. Practice is the key. To make your dog recognise the purpose of the clicking sound, you need to practise its use with them. Whenever they do something right as you taught them to, i.e. using the litter box for toilet purposes, the dog owner needs to press the clicker right on time. This is how the dog will create a connection between the clicking sound and their action and understand eventually that it is a form of appreciation.
  2. To help them understand the reason for clicking sound better, you can also reward them with a treat right away. This should not be done too often (only in the few initial days) to learn quickly. Otherwise, they might confuse every sound as a bell for a treat time.
  3. People often confuse a clicker with an alarm or a bell. It is rightly used for a reward.
  4. You can attach the clicker device to a wristband so that you can press it instantly when the dog does something right. If you press it later, the purpose is not fulfilled.
  5. The clicker period should be kept short and accurate.

How long does it take to clicker train your dogs:

Dog clicker training does not take a lot of time in most cases. Dogs mostly understand their purpose in a few days and learn what their owners like and dislike in terms of behaviour.

The clicker method works the most efficient among many other ways if it is done the right way. It needs a lot of observation and attention but at the same time, it needs just a few days if practised rightly.

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