All You Need To Know About Target Breed Dog

Most information about the target dog breed is secret, and you won’t find much about it on the web. From what we know, it all began in 1999 when the first white bull terrier was trained for the target corporation.

What is a target breed dog?

Many people ask, what kind of a dog is a target dog? Well, a target breed dog is a white bull terrier. It is said that they were earlier called spot but later it changed to Bull’s-eye. The white bull terrier breed comes from the Skyline bull terriers.

Target dogs are trained to perform in target commercials as mascots for target corporations. They’re mostly females who represent males. The target corporation uses various marketing techniques for its advertisements.

How is a target breed dog different from the rest?

All the pictures that you will find over the internet of target dogs will have a target mark around their eye. Often people do not know that it is not a natural pigmentation on their skin nor a pattern. It is artificially designed for performer target dogs.

But, it is not harmful to their skin as the red colour is made from organic items (vegetables) and is non-toxic.

Characteristics of target dogs:

  • Bull retriever dogs are very affectionate. Often people believe that they’re fighters, but they’re very friendly.
  • They’re very easy to groom and don’t have a tough time.
  • They gain weight easily.
  • They can adapt to indoor living in a very short time.
  • They cannot tolerate cold weather very well but the hot weather works fine for them.
  • They’re very easy to train and quick in learning.

Why white bull terriers?

While bull terriers have a history of their breed, they are very quick to learn, train and training is an essential part of their job. They learn commands very quickly and it is said that the first-ever command they learned was to ‘sit’.

white bull terrier in the arms of a bearded man

If you do not have a history of dog management, you must not adopt a bull terrier as a first because they need an available owner. They are very social and need to be around friendly people all the time. If they are left alone, they can become depressed.

Although the bull terriers/target breed dogs are very quick in learning, you need to be patient and provide them with space and time to learn. No dog will ever learn your command with harsh behaviour. They must be dealt with a lot of love and patience.

Do they require special care?

Target dogs are just like other dogs and can gain weight if overfed and obesity kills the purpose of their training and act. This is why they are fed just according to their need and never too much. They are also well taken care of. Before, in between and after their performances, they’re given breaks and special care.


Some countries worldwide have a ban on bull terrier ownership and you must not violate the laws of your state. Please do your research and make sure it is not against your state’s law before adopting a target dog.

Breed Size Temperament Exercise Needs Coat Lifespan Special Traits
White Bull Terrier Medium (20-24 inches) Bold, Affectionate, Playful High Short, White 10-14 years Egg-shaped head, muscular body
Labrador Retriever Large (21.5-24.5 inches) Outgoing, Even Tempered, Gentle High Short, Black/Yellow/Chocolate 10-12 years Excellent swimmers, family-friendly
German Shepherd Large (22-26 inches) Intelligent, Confident, Courageous High Medium, Black/Tan 9-13 years Strong guarding instincts, highly trainable
Beagle Small to Medium (13-16 inches) Amiable, Excitable, Determined Medium Short, Tri-color 10-15 years Excellent sense of smell, good with kids
Poodle (Standard) Large (Over 15 inches) Intelligent, Alert, Active High Curly, Various colors 12-15 years Hypoallergenic, highly trainable
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