How & Why To Train Your Dog For A Shock Collar

What is a dog shock collar and why is it used?

A dog shock collar is also known as an e-collar, an electronic collar. It is one of the many devices used for dog training. A shock collar sends an electric signal and sensation to the dog’s neck (or anywhere the collar is placed). The intensity of the electric signal varies in different types of shock collars. It works with the help of a remote system that the dog owner controls. The intensity of the electric signal must be kept very mild.

Is a shock collar used as a punishment?

No. The dog shock collar is not used as a punishment but an indication of wrong behaviour/action. As an example, you trained your dog not to bark excessively and they keep doing so. This is when the shock collar will be used to send a mild electric signal to convey it to the dog to stop barking.

Earlier, the shock collar was only used for hunting dogs but today, people often use mild intensity shock collars to train their domestic dogs.

Dog shock collar care and training:

  1. Do not use high-intensity shock collars for training. The shock collar is not supposed to work a cruel punishment (which no animal deserves). The shock collar’s intensity should be so mild enough to only feel like a pinch so that it can indicate to them to stop doing whatever misbehaviour they’re doing.
  2. The shock collar comes with adjustable intensity settings which should never be kept high.
  3. Remember that you don’t want your dog to be scared of you. Hence, treat them like a baby is treated and only use a mild electric signal when they do something wrong.
  4. The shock collar can work from a range of distances depending on the type of company/brand. You don’t have to be too close to send the signal.
  5. If the dog is to be trained for some major mission, only then use the shock collar as it is the quickest way of training, but a clicker is the best option for your home pet. (Do not press the clicker when they do something wrong to convey it to them that their behaviour was wrong and will be given no reward)

Is it safe to use a dog shock collar?

Yes, it is safe to use the shock collar as it does not do any physical harm, although it may sound like it does. Many dog owners cannot agree with the idea of sending an electric signal to their dogs. While it is completely your choice, the shock collar is not harmful to dogs.


You must not use a shock collar if you do not know how to operate it in the mildest possible way. Because dogs and all other animals have rights that should not be violated and no dog shall have to go through any form of physical pain in the process of training. Remember, this is no joke and must not be used as one.

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