Crate Training: Finding It Hard To Crate Train Your Puppy?

To begin any sort of training for your dog, it is highly important to build a relationship of trust, comfort and love with them. They will only follow your guidelines if they trust you.

It comes as a shock to many dog owners but dogs can sense the nature of the attitude of humans. They will distance themselves if they find you uncomfortable or dangerous. Hence, it is important that you earn your dog’s trust and then begin the required training.

Crates for dogs are used worldwide for various purposes but do dogs make a home out of them instantly? They don’t. This is why crate training is required and crate training a puppy can be a bit tricky. Most dog owners like to keep their dogs inside the crate at night to prevent any problems as dogs have been observed to accidentally eat contaminated food at night without the supervision of their owners. So, a crate helps prevent all these possible fears of a dog owner.

How to crate train your puppy?


When you bring a crate for your dog, you must introduce them to it, make them visit it, and you might even want to take them along to the crate shopping. This will prepare them for the addition in their daily life. Many people neglect this and find it useless but it is an important step in crate training a puppy.

Buy a comfortable crane:

It is your dog or any other pet’s right that they must be provided with a good size crane where they can easily sit, lie down and relax. Consider it as an investment for their long-term comfort. When you buy a bed for yourself, you want it to be comfortable, the same way your dog’s crate needs to have enough space.

Place their food space inside their crate:

This has often helped dog owners to make their dogs get used to staying inside the crate. If you place their food bowl inside their crate, they will willingly eat and enjoy their time inside. This will create a happy experience for them inside the crate.

Place some playful tools:

You can also hang or place some playful tools inside the crate. Different dogs enjoy playing with other sorts of toys. If you create a colorful environment with toys and active items, it will become an attractive place for your dog. A crate on its own can get boring without toys.

How long does it take to crate train your puppy?

Crate training depends on how much effort is put into creating a good experience for the dog inside the crate and how comfortable it is. If the crate is not satisfied, you will never be able to get your dog to stay inside it when required. Remember that you want to create a space for them that they wouldn’t want to escape from.

It is also important to not keep them inside the crate for too long as dogs cannot stay inside a small place for a long time, a regular walk and outside playful activities are very important for their health. You must understand the needs of your dog’s breed, whether they have to be kept indoors or outdoors at most times.

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