Unique Dog Names & Meanings Make Your Dog Stand Out From The Crowd

There is a whole process before being able to adopt a puppy/dog. It would be best if you made many decisions about what breed you want, what age of the dog, colour, size, gender etc. But, what happens after you adopt a dog? Initial days are the most exciting after dog adoption as there is a new family member in the house.

While everybody is excited to meet the new family member, how are you going to introduce them? Just like human family members, dog owners like to name their pets. This gives a sense of identity to the family member and a cool dog name never hurt anyone!

While most of the dog names are commonly used for both male and female dogs, there are some unique names for each gender. In addition, some people also like to name their pets after some famous tv characters, cartoons, heroes etc.

Male dog names:

While deciding on a boy dog name, you must keep in mind their physical appearance and behavioural attitude. However, these factors are not necessarily important as people like to call different names of their dogs with love and sometimes it has no connection with the kind of breed, age or appearance.

But, if you consider keeping their traits in mind, listed below are some unique male dog names:

  • Alpaca (animal of soft fur)
  • Borris (Warrior)
  • Cappy (Captain)
  • Casey (Steadfast)
  • Champ (short for Champion)
  • Garrett (Bold)
  • Hugo (intelligent)
  • Jumbo (Large/big)
  • Leo (for Lion)
  • Zoomer (fast)

Some people like not to associate the name with traits and keep random cute dog names i.e.

  • Biscuit
  • Doodle
  • Romeo
  • Oliver
  • Oscar

Female dog names:

  • Daisy (flower)
  • Zoey (life)
  • Rossy (happy/cheerful)
  • Stella (a star)
  • Anna (awesome)
  • Autumn (season)
  • Luna (moon)
  • Fuzzy (silky)

Other cute female dog names:

  • Oreo
  • Cookie
  • Maggie
  • Juliet
  • Brownie
  • Buttons
  • Coco

Many people believe that the name of the pet/dog also suggests a lot about their owner. What the owner names their dog tells about their personality, likes and dislikes as well. Some people are very particular about the meaning of the name and want it to be very authentic to the dog’s behavioural personality or according to their breed. And, other people like to call cute names to their pet which is often more than one depending on the mood.

But, it is also true that if you stick with one name, your dog or any other pet animal will be able to recognize it in some time. They will understand that their owner calls them in a specific name and will respond to it. Of course, they don’t know that it’s their name, but they understand the indication and association of the sound of that word with themselves.

Experts suggest that it is better to name your dog than not. Then, if they get lost, they will respond to that name when their owner calls them as they understand the association of that sound with themselves. And, it is great to introduce your pet with a name whenever a friend visits.

Naming a pet is also very useful in the training process. While training, the communication between the pet and the dog owner becomes easier. It is easy to call their name and express/convey if they have done the right thing in training or not. Otherwise, it can be a bit difficult to make them understand that you are referring to them although it is not impossible.

It is also true that while some people keep the name of their pets very randomly (which is okay) but, it shouldn’t be too random that it gets confusing or misleading. You don’t want to call your dog a ‘spider’ or a ‘lion’ and scare the person sitting next to you at the same time. So, even if the name has no logic behind it, there must be some mindfulness.

People also chose human names for their dogs i.e. kate, rosy etc. This helps them accept the pet as a family member more easily. But, this completely depends on the personality of the individual. As for some people, there is no science behind naming their pets, some do it very randomly and some don’t at all. But, as suggested by veterans and experts, naming the pet has benefits and convenience.

If you are looking for a cool dog name for your male or female dog, there are plenty of options out there over the internet, in books, movies and around you. Remember it can be confusing for the dog if you keep changing the name after a while. If you are particular about naming them, then do your research before you start calling them with a name. If you change it often, they will not be able to create a connection with it.

Veterans also suggest that the animals with a name make it easier to identify them among patients. The vet might indeed ask for the name of your dog when you visit them. Yes, most dogs are recognized by their breed and age but, what if there are almost the same two dogs in the same place, then, a name will be convenient to add the date, history and medication of the dog.

In conclusion, it is also often observed that when a dog passes away, its name and memories stay with the owner. It works as a memory of the pet and dog owners like to differentiate between their other pets. If a person has more than one pet, they should name them as it is better to name a dog or any pet than not.


It is better that you start looking for name inspirations early as it is easier to name train the pet and other home training. Also, once they have spent a lot of time already, they will get used to not having a name at all and it will be harder for you to make them create a connection with a name and they might not respond to it anymore. So, the earlier, the better.

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