Smallest Dog in the World And Its Complete Care Guide

People often assume small dogs are young as well. The smallest dog refers to a full-grown dog yet small in size. Such dogs never grow tall throughout their lifetime. Many people worldwide like to adopt tiny dogs as they’re easier to handle, easily travel along and don’t take a lot of space. If you do not want your pet dog ever to grow up, the small breed dog is your dream come true!

Who is the smallest dog in the world?

Milly, belonging to the Chihuahua breed, is known to be the smallest dog in the world. Milly is a full-grown 4-year-old dog and is 4 inches tall. She is included in the Guinness World Record for being the smallest dog.

Who are terrier dogs?

Terrier dogs are another breed of one of the smallest dogs globally, but they’re specifically bred for hunting and are small in size but fast and fearless. Terriers can be kept as pets as well with proper house training. Terrier dogs are very quick in learning and have a fast speed.

10 smallest dog breeds in the world

The most common small dog breeds around the world include the following:

Brussels Griffon:

These small dogs are named after Brussels as the breed was created there. They weigh around 12 pounds or less and are seven inches tall. This breed of small dogs includes four different skin colors. They are known to be friendly and have proved to be a very good home companion as they quickly get along with humans and other animals. But, they do need training and time initially.


This is known to be the smallest dog breed globally as they weigh around 4 pounds and stand 8-10 inches tall. Training a Chihuahua dog takes a lot of time. So, if you want to adopt one, be prepared to give them a lot of time and deal with patience to be home train.


This adorable small dog is almost similar in size to a Chihuahua, weighing around 4 pounds and stand 10-11 inches tall.

Pomeranians shred their hair coat twice a year and need a lot of care and grooming, regular haircuts and care. They come in 4/5 different color coats from brown, orange and black. They have been observed to have a habit of unusual barking and they need to be well trained to be kept as a pet. But, it is also true that Pomeranians are very quick in training and intelligent.


Papillons weigh about 7-10 pounds and are 10 inches tall or less. Unlike other small dogs, they can get along with children as well and are very friendly. They have been observed to be great pets.


Pug is another small breed dog that is loved worldwide. All dog owners love their wrinkly faces and playful nature and they make great pets. They get along very well and are super adorable.

Other small dog breeds include:

  • Russian Toy: (2-6 pounds and 7-11 inches tall.)
  • Japanese Chin: (7-11 pounds and 8-11 inches tall.)
  • English Toy: (8-14 pounds and 9-10 inches tall.)
  • Chinese Crested: (11-13 pounds and 8-12 inches tall.)
  • Toy Fox Terrier: (3-7 pounds and 8-11 inches tall.)
  • Miniature Pinscher: (8-10 pounds and 10-12 inches tall.)

Special care for small dogs:

They require the same care and attention as all other dogs. But, considering their tiny size, you will have to pay extra attention not to let them go out of sight. While taking them outdoors for walks/parks, please keep them in sight as finding them could be a hard task. Also, keep them away from busy roads as they might not be visible to the vehicle drivers. As additional care, you might have to stay in low-end furniture because you don’t want your little companion to jump from risky heights during playtime. Small breed dogs are easier to bathe as well due to their tiny size, they take less time and effort in comparison to large dogs.

Diet for small dog breeds:

More than depending upon small or large sizes, the diet of any dog or any other animal depends on the metabolism rate of their breed. A small dog might have a higher metabolism than a large dog. And, all dogs have different requirements of nutrition levels. Another factor that matters is the weight whenever a diet is to be designed for a dog. You should get proper guidance from a nutritionist depending upon your dog’s breed, size, and age.

They will help you design a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients required for your dog’s body. Remember, the quantity of food doesn’t have to be excessive to be enough, it needs to be fulfilling and containing all the essentials in a controlled amount. However, natural and organic food is always the best option in comparison to processed. If the dog has a small mouth, serve the food in small bites to prevent choking or any other health hazard.

Do small breed dogs die young?

No. Their size should not be mistaken for their life expectancy. One of the smallest dog breeds called Chihuahua, is the tiniest yet live up to almost 15-16 years. Tiny dogs are not physically weak and you don’t have to worry about letting go of them too soon. Your small partner is expected to stay for a while if taken care of.

In conclusion, whether it is a small dog or a large one, they all require equal attention, love and respect. Do your research before adopting any dog and you must consider your environment, space and area to be suitable for the breed. All dogs require regular grooming and visits to the veterinarian to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


All small dogs are not very friendly and some have aggressive barking behavior which can be trained but if you do not have the time and patience, you must look for other options in the small breed that are friendlier.

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