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The Affenpinscher is a little breed of dog with a lot of personality. They have a face that somewhat resembles a monkey, that is why they have their name (Affen is a German word for monkey) In the country where the breed originated it is often called Zwergaffenpinscher (Zwerg means dwarf) so you might say that it resembles a small monkey dog. In France they named the Affenpinscher the mustached devil! But no matter what it’s name is, or what you call it, the Affenpinscher is a charming and often comical little breed of dog, it being the smallest of the Schnauzers and Pinschers breed. This breed tends to be alert, gentle, intelligent and very loving. Although keep in mind that they tend to be wary of strangers and make a good defensive show of guarding the house.

The average size of the Affenpinscher is about 9 ½ inches, and his weight should be somewhere between 6 and 9 pounds. The recommended feeding for the Affenpinscher is about 1/3 to ½ of a can of a quality food (about 6 oz.) and you should add an equal amount of biscuit or dry food. Make sure that it has plenty of water.


The Affenpinscher needs some exercise, but not as much as an active larger breed. Short walks will suffice but this breed will surely walk more if you are a willing participant. You should brush them regularly to keep their coat shiny and to avoid mating.

The Affenpinscher has an interesting background. Until 1896, the Miniature Pinschers and Affenpinschers were classified as a single breed. At that time they were decided to be separate breeds at the Berlin dog show. The longer coated breed became known as the Affenpinscher. The exact background of the Affenpinscher is somewhat of a mystery. It was depicted in paintings in the 15th century but it’s exact origin is unknown. It is, however, undisputed that the breed originated in Germany. Some people think that it is related to the Brussels Griffon, while others feel that the Brussels Griffon came from the Affenpinscher. It could also bee that the Affenpinscher is a toy version of the Zwergschnauzer (coarse-haired terrier). It was recognized by the AKC in 1936

Regardless of the Affenpinscher’s origin it is a delightful breed to own. Friendly and loyal to the family and often lacking a knowledge of it’s small size when the family is threatened. It should provide years of loving companionship and countless hours of comedy relief.

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